4th Generation Member in Santa Rosa #50

In January 2013, I had attended Active 20-30 Club of Santa Rosa #50’s installation of officers. I learned that the member being installed as the new president for the term was a 4th generation member.

Being a historian and a multi-generational member myself, I was excited to discover this. One of my goals is to find and recognize active members that come from families with past Active 20-30 members.

2013 Santa RosaLeft to right on the photo:
Brad Demeo – a past member and god-father to Dusty
Dustin Destruel – Spring 2013 President
Michele Spilman (myself)
Jean (Dusty) Destruel – Fall 1951 President and Dusty’s grandfather
M. Kevin Destruel – a past member and Dusty’s father
Elie Destruel (other family member connection worth noting) – Fall 1934 President and Dusty’s great-grandfather

Fun fact is that all generations are/were members of Santa Rosa #50.

If you are a generational member or know of someone who is, please contact me (I’d love to recognize and feature your history) – mchlspil@gmail.com

  • From [insert club]
  • Active member [insert name] is [#] generation. Any offices you held/hold in 20-30?
  • Relation, name, and what club were the other members of the family in?
  • Did they hold any offices in 20-30?
  • Any other noteworthy accomplishments? Big projects? Fun tidbits?
  • Can I get a photo of active member to use and, if possible, the other family members?

You can be as brief or as descriptive as you would like. Either way, I am looking forward to hearing from all the generational members out there.

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