Goals & Expectations for the History Committee, part 1

My time as National History Chair began with asking for information on my Grandparents in Active 20-30, (as well as hearing stories from my parents’ time in the club). As I discovered some fun tidbits in my research, I was excited to share with others. This lead to me telling each National President, that I would like to keep “snooping” into the history if they didn’t mind. Nine years later, and I have been excited that more and more members are interested in knowing history and their eyes don’t glaze over after hearing stories for more than a few minutes.

We are reaching the mid-way point this term and start looking for members interested in running for Offices and be on committees. Stay tuned as I share some of the goals and expectations the committee has done through the years. Please reach out to me if you are like minded in keeping records of our living history as well as continue sharing our past endeavors. We can coordinate a smooth transition next term. I plan to still be “behind the scenes” working on a history book, but hope other members can take over the reign.

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