Goals & Expectations for the History Committee, part 2

One of the tasks for the History Committee is a little bittersweet, and that is collecting information on our past actives that have passed away.

I have been keeping track of obituaries that pop up with mentions of time in Active 20-30 Clubs (or 20/30 clubs). On the current list: you can find the names, years lived, and where they passed away.

Wayne Ingraham and Jeff Okrepkie recently shared their research on Active 20-30 of Santa Rosa #50 ‘s Past Actives, and their spreadsheet had quite a bit of information that would be a great way of keeping records. I’m working on creating a similar list, and will share with you.

It would be helpful if you could start looking into your own Past Actives (begin with your Club Presidents) and create a list. Once done, send to the Historian to be added into one list (and folder that has the obituary and any photos). This also helps us make note of accomplishments our members have done after being in Active 20-30.

Email me (mchlspil@gmail.com) any names (& obits) that should be added. Thanks!

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