Active 20-30 Week in Calexico

In the late 1960’s and pretty much all of the 1970’s, clubs celebrated Active 20-30 Week during the 2nd or 3rd Week of February. This was something that all clubs participated in by obtaining proclamations and resolutions from the local and federal governmental agencies. Many clubs organized public relations and social community events.

In 1973, the Calexico Club in California celebrated with lots of activities. Here is an article that Henry Esquer, Secretary of the club sent to the Active 20-30 magazine.

“Active 20-30 Week, February 11-17, was celebrated in a big way in Calexico. We advertised on KROP, KAMP, KICO and KXO radio stations and on KECC “9” and KBLU “13” TV. In addition, we advertised in the Imperial Valley Press, Calexico Chronicle and in the Mexicali “La Voz De La Frontera” newspapers. A billboard at the entrance of the city also helped to promote our event and was provided us by the Imperial Valley Sign Company. To top off our promotional activities we had a 25-foot banner made and hung on cable across the main street of Calexico.

To start the week, we had a “Tadeada” at our local park. Musical groups and several bands provided entertainment. Tables were place all over the park so that people could eat and relax and enjoy the evening. As guests of honor, we invited a number of dignitaries. These include our Mayor, Jerry Patton – who presented us with a proclamation commemorating Active 20-30 Week – city councilmen, city administrator, Chief of Police, Chief of the Fire Department, and various citizens involved in helping youth. We also extended invitations to the Active 20-30 Clubs of El Centro and Mexicali.

Brochures explaining Active 20-30 were handed out to the young men attending who were within the age group of the organization. we also gave out helium inflated balloons to all the children. Carne Asada plates, beer, cokes and tacos were sold at the event, and we also held a cake sale. Our club members worked from morning until night on this project and our enthusiasm was tremendous.

For our regular meeting during the week, we held a Past presidents’ Night. All former presidents were contacted and invited to attend and conduct the meeting. We also invited the news media to hear our guest speaker, Humbert Hernandez, vice president of our Little League. As a special event, wives of members got together and created a “50th Anniversary” birthday cake for the evening.

To close our celebration we held a dinner dance, again inviting city officials and surrounding clubs to join us as guests of honor. Entertainment was by an outstanding tropical band and everyone enjoyed the evening. Although admission was charged, profits were nill on this event. Our week long social activities were so enthusiastically received by the public that we have been urged to continue our annual celebration of Active 20-30 Week.

Be sure to check the blog in February for more stories about Active 20-30 Week.

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