In The Kitchen (#2 – Feb. 1-7, 2021)

This week’s theme are memories revolving around meals and cooking together. It could be hanging out at a member’s house planning events, being social, volunteering in the kitchen at an event (like crab or lobster feeds), or a recipe. Any food related memory that reminds you of Active 20-30.

This photo was taken at Sacramento #1’s Lobsterfeed in the 1980’s, in the kitchen at Portuguese Hall. Cooking lobsters. Starting front left, Ed Gillum (or maybe Fred Kuntz?), ? hidden, Jack Kasper, Bruce Levering, Fred Harter, John Frisch, Ken Stieger ?, Jim Dorton

Please share a memory and / or a photo (if you do post a photo, please include who is in it, when and where was it taken, and why was it taken.) Share this post with your fellow members (Active & Past Active).

(These weekly themes are inspired by 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks)

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