Name’s the Same (#6 – Mar. 22-28, 2021)

Are you / have you been in a club that has re-chartered? Most clubs formed with the name of the town, city, or area, so why not keep the same name when forming a club in the place again? Plus, it brings back a rich history of the club that was there before and having the new club adds to the Active 20-30 legacy.

When Active 20-30 Club of Red Bluff #455 re-chartered in 2017, a past member of the club before came to their charter night with stories and items of the past. It was so wonderful to see and hear this connection of members in their community. When has been the last time you’ve chatted with a past member in your club?

Other clubs that re-chartered in the last 10 years have been Active 20-30 Club of San Jose #15 Active 20-30 Club of Portland #122 Active 20-30 Club of Seattle #215 and Active 20-30 Yuba City/Marysville #154 Where will the next re-charter be?

Reach out to other service clubs in your area, like Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions and ask if any members were in Active 20-30. Check with your Chamber of Commerce members with the same question.

BONUS: I’m curious to know if any club has had two or more members with the same name? Not just a same first name or same last name, but both, like having two John Smith’s. The members didn’t have to be in the club at the same time.

Would love to hear and see any answers to these topics. Comment below or tag this page in your post.

(These weekly themes are inspired by 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks)

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