Living History & Re-Discovering Older History

Who else went to the 2022 Convention and Centennial Celebration this last week?

There is no better feeling than walking into the hotel and getting hugs from people you have not seen in several years. The sense of belonging to a group that expands across countries is so wonderful. Listening to club success stories, seeing graphs of how much money raised and how many children and families helped, is the boost you need each year to recommit to helping in your own community.

This year also marks 100 years this organization has been around. It might have started out with two clubs but it has grown and expanded into so much more. I have been rejuvenated to work on sharing some living history of the last few years as well as rediscovering our older history. I hope to get out of my comfort zone by reaching out and talk to past members and get their stories. As well as talking out to clubs to create history books for their clubs. The idea is to have at least one member from each club helping to add records of their club officers, members honored with awards, and events they have held.

If there is something you do have, or has been given to you, that you would like to share, please reach out to be featured. Profiles about you, stories, and photos, are always appreciated.

Will be featuring daily themes along with Club Anniversaries. And anything else that comes up to share.

Member Monday

Pin It On Tuesday

Weekly Theme Challenge Wednesday

From The Archives Thursday or Document Thursday

Flash Back Friday or Newspaper Find Friday


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