Pin It On Tuesday: How do you display your pins?

Thanks, Julianna Hart, for the inspiration of this post.

How many pins did you trade for, or collect, at convention? How do you display them? Laid out nice and neat to take photos, just throw them into a fanny pack, or put them into a nice framed display?

We’ve had a tradition of creating pins to represent our clubs or conventions. They could be president themes, features located in the town of the club, when a member goes past active or passes away, or regarding a social or fundraising event.

There are A LOT of pins, so we are also going to have a weekly feature showing them off here. Let us know of any pins you would like to share, the story behind the pin, if you know the year, how you got it (any fun trade stories), or other memory you connect to that pin (for example, it’s a pin that represents your term as club president or going past active). Even if it’s just a neat pin you like, please share.

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