W.W.T.C. – Favorite Find

Wednesday Weekly Theme Challenge (July 27 – Aug 2): Favorite Find

This theme could be applied in a variety of ways.

  • a) What’s something you discovered about yourself while in Active 20-30?
  • b) Or a favorite tradition your clubs does?
  • c) How about a neat find at a location that has a connection to 20-30? Like a plaque on the wall at a store, a news article about an event on a diner menu? (I’ll have to find the info on that, it was pretty neat). A dedication at a park?
  • d) How about an item that you got or someone shared with you?
  • e) How about finding out some celebrities were in the club or an honorary member? Two honorary members that come to mind are Frank Sinatra and Charles Lindbergh.

Recently I was doing a search and came across a post in a Facebook group for Hawthorne residents, where someone had a photo of her dad with a 20-30 sign that he painted. She was trying to get more information on what 20-30 was. I was happy to tell her.

“My Dad worked at the Navy base in Hawthorne after WWII. I wasn’t born until 1953. I never remember hearing about this group. Sounds like a group they might want to revive.”:

Play along. Comment below or tag this page in your post for any stories or photos you would like to share.


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