W.W.T.C. – Road Tripping

Wednesday Weekly Theme Challenge

(Aug 10 – 16): Road Trippin’

  • Do you know how many miles you have driven to 20-30 events?
  • What is a fun memory you have?
  • When carpooling, what was the mode of transportation? Car, van, bus, RV, plane, train, ….?

Yesterday, I was at a meeting and we were talking about all the upcoming 20-30 events happening. And how much fun it is to go and support each other clubs’ events. Either by attending, volunteering, or going to meetings to promote our own club events.

The other bonus of going, is the road trip to get there. It is a great bonding experience to carpool with your own club members. I was asked how many miles I must have put on my car just attending 20-30 events. That stumped me, because other than to answer “A LOT,” I did not know. It did make me remember some great memories connected to those road trips.

(Pictured) This might not be my car, but it was the first part of a trip to the 2012 International Convention in Costa Rica. We decided to head out of Sacramento to San Francisco airport in style. Which was also my first Convention outside the United States.

Play along. Comment below or tag this page in your post for any stories or photos you would like to share.

Member Monday & a Happy Anniversary!

In 1960, 20-30 International and Active International both voted unanimously to merge into 1 organization. Today we’ll highlight the three presidents.

“The DATE of August 1, 1960 will be remembered as the most significant in our history since the founding of 20-30, for on that day the merger of Active and 20-30 International became a reality. Both groups will retain their present administrative structures until the joint international convention in Tucson next summer, but for all other intents and purposes we are now one combine organization.” – Clint McClure, President, 20-30 International

“It is a logical step enabling two service-minded groups to combine their talents and enthusiasm in order to better serve their communities and their countries.” – Owen Barnes President, Active International

W.W.T.C. – Favorite Find

Wednesday Weekly Theme Challenge (July 27 – Aug 2): Favorite Find

This theme could be applied in a variety of ways.

  • a) What’s something you discovered about yourself while in Active 20-30?
  • b) Or a favorite tradition your clubs does?
  • c) How about a neat find at a location that has a connection to 20-30? Like a plaque on the wall at a store, a news article about an event on a diner menu? (I’ll have to find the info on that, it was pretty neat). A dedication at a park?
  • d) How about an item that you got or someone shared with you?
  • e) How about finding out some celebrities were in the club or an honorary member? Two honorary members that come to mind are Frank Sinatra and Charles Lindbergh.

Recently I was doing a search and came across a post in a Facebook group for Hawthorne residents, where someone had a photo of her dad with a 20-30 sign that he painted. She was trying to get more information on what 20-30 was. I was happy to tell her.

“My Dad worked at the Navy base in Hawthorne after WWII. I wasn’t born until 1953. I never remember hearing about this group. Sounds like a group they might want to revive.”:

Play along. Comment below or tag this page in your post for any stories or photos you would like to share.

Pin it on Tuesday: Project Themed Pins

Here’s a few pins showcasing some of the projects our clubs have done / are doing.
Do you have any club project pins?

This is a weekly feature to show off all the wonderful pins. Let us know of any you would like to share. Please include the story behind the pin, if you know the year, how you got it (any fun trade stories), or other memory you connect to that pin (for example, it’s a pin that represents your term as club president or going past active). Even if you don’t have info to include and it’s just a neat pin you like, please share.

W.W.T.C. – Curious

Wednesday Weekly Theme Challenge – (July 20 – 26): Curious

Last year I found a weekly genealogy challenge with different topics, and realized some of the themes can be easily applied to our history.

Have you come across a photo or story related to Active 20-30 and wanted to know more?

There has been quite a few that I have found, and others that have been shared, that had me going down rabbit holes. Some of them have been from people finding 20-30 dedicated plaques at parks, a photo of a horse at an indoor meeting promoting an event, or names of famous people.

I came across a photo of an 20-30 club putting on a Donkey Basketball benefit game. I’ll have to find that photo later. For now, here is a newspaper one from the Arizona Republic (6 Apr 1937), “Phoenix 20-30 Club decided to stage a series of donkey softball and polo games”.


Play along. Comment below or tag this page in your post for any stories or photos you would like to share.

Pin It On Tuesday: How do you display your pins?

Thanks, Julianna Hart, for the inspiration of this post.

How many pins did you trade for, or collect, at convention? How do you display them? Laid out nice and neat to take photos, just throw them into a fanny pack, or put them into a nice framed display?

We’ve had a tradition of creating pins to represent our clubs or conventions. They could be president themes, features located in the town of the club, when a member goes past active or passes away, or regarding a social or fundraising event.

There are A LOT of pins, so we are also going to have a weekly feature showing them off here. Let us know of any pins you would like to share, the story behind the pin, if you know the year, how you got it (any fun trade stories), or other memory you connect to that pin (for example, it’s a pin that represents your term as club president or going past active). Even if it’s just a neat pin you like, please share.

Member Monday: In Memory of

At each Annual General Meeting, we start with a moment of silence for those members that had passed away since last June. Those in this photo album were found via obituary alerts or if someone contacted the National Office.

We wish to recognize and honor their time in 20-30 International, Active International, or Active 20-30 International.

If we are missing anyone, please send us the information so we can add them to our “in memory” section.

Gary Willard Johnson (1932 – 2021)
Denver #390

Patricia ‘Patty’ Joan Johnson (1943 – 2021)
Napa #57

Copeland Trent Jones (1938 – 2021)
Bakersfield #27

Helen Louise Griffith (1939 – 2021)
Auburn #19 (Helped with)

Craig Russell Johnston (1942 – 2021)
Santa Rosa #50

Kenneth James ‘Kenny’ Gautereaux (1926 – 2021)
Coronado #187

Michael Robert Gingras (1986 – 2021)
Tucson #82

Dr. Robert S. Tuttle, DDS (1923 – 2021)
Santa Rosa #50

James “Jim” Donald Willems (1942 – 2021)
Wenatchee #932

Paul A Jones (1945 – 2021)
Sacramento #1

Gary Edgar Tatro (1938 – 2022)
Aberdeen #901

Duane Barker (1931 – 2022)
Clovis #404

John H. Duser (1932 – 2022)
Napa #57

Merrill D. “Ronnie” Round Jr. (1924 – 2022)
Harlingen #204

Edmond Junior Bruggman (1931 – 2022_
Wenatchee #932

Fred Gerald Vellutini (1926 – 2022)
President, Santa Cruz

Peter Gordon Campbell (1937 – 2022)
Seguin #453

Clarence Vincent (Porky) Lithgow, Jr. (1938 – 2022)
Santa Fe

Terrel Ray Tinkler (1947 – 2022)
Santa Rosa #50

Living History & Re-Discovering Older History

Who else went to the 2022 Convention and Centennial Celebration this last week?

There is no better feeling than walking into the hotel and getting hugs from people you have not seen in several years. The sense of belonging to a group that expands across countries is so wonderful. Listening to club success stories, seeing graphs of how much money raised and how many children and families helped, is the boost you need each year to recommit to helping in your own community.

This year also marks 100 years this organization has been around. It might have started out with two clubs but it has grown and expanded into so much more. I have been rejuvenated to work on sharing some living history of the last few years as well as rediscovering our older history. I hope to get out of my comfort zone by reaching out and talk to past members and get their stories. As well as talking out to clubs to create history books for their clubs. The idea is to have at least one member from each club helping to add records of their club officers, members honored with awards, and events they have held.

If there is something you do have, or has been given to you, that you would like to share, please reach out to be featured. Profiles about you, stories, and photos, are always appreciated. active2030archives@gmail.com

Will be featuring daily themes along with Club Anniversaries. And anything else that comes up to share.

Member Monday

Pin It On Tuesday

Weekly Theme Challenge Wednesday

From The Archives Thursday or Document Thursday

Flash Back Friday or Newspaper Find Friday

Month of Highlights for the 1920’s

With the start of September this week, it’s 10 months until our 2022 Convention – Centennial Celebration (JUL 13 – JUL 17, 2022)!

We are going to switch from weekly themed memory prompts, to sharing the Active 20-30 timeline. Each month we’ll focus on one decade and have posts on timeline of events, photos, stories, and member spotlights.

Our story begins in 1922, in two different cities. Aberdeen, Washington and Sacramento, California.

St. Helena 20-30 Club Builds Bus Stops 1965

I’ve seen photos and articles of several clubs building shelters. Clubs like Napa, Santa Rosa, Coronado, and here is one from St Helena in 1965. Have you participated in building shelters, or know if your club did this type of project in the past?

20-30 Club to Build Bus Stop Shelters

As school begins the members of the Active 20-30 are busily constructing as many bus stop shelters as the club treasury will allow, before the rainy season begins. Due to the overwhelming response of parents requesting shelters, there are many more needed.

The club’s motto is “Youth to serve must be served.” In an effort to serve all the youth of the school district, if possible, the club will give away an R.C.A. Color T.V. Oct. 29 at Carpy Field during the half-time of the St. Helena vs. Willits football game, profits going toward additional shelters. “Help us to help your children,” by obtaining your tickets for the television at any of the home games or from any 20-30 member. Anyone requesting a shelter may write to St. Helena Active 20-30, P.O. Box 65, St. Helena.

“20-30 Club to Build Bus Stop”, The St. Helena Star, 16 September 1965, p 2, Newspapers.com. Accessed 25 August 2021.

Photo Caption: St. Helena Active 20-30 Club is engaged in the project of rebuilding or in some case renovating the old school bus shelters once provided by the earlier club. A color TV will be awarded as a prize this fall. Shown above in Taylor Electric is Marshall Sears buying the first ticket from John Mathis, treasurer of the 20-30 Club with Ralph Turnidge looking on. Proceeds will go to help finance the shelter project.
The other pictures show a shelter which can be salvaged, and one which is simply done for. Working on the project when the pictures were taken were Ray Torres, Ernies Butala, Bob Stemler, Don Martin, Leroy Cox and Ralph Duer. In the bottom picture Ralph Turnidge’s sons help spray the new type shelter the club is building. Since the project started the club has had many requests for shelters, and has to raise money by awarding the color TV set.