Husband and Wife Club Presidents

This is a historical first for Active 20-30. Presidents of two local clubs are husband and wife.

On September 14th, the Active 20-30 Club of Dry Diggins #1034 was chartered as a new club in Placerville, California. The club is the second club in Placerville with the total membership made up of all female members.

The Active 20-30 Club of Placerville #43 assisted in the chartering effort. Doug Perryman, current President of the Placerville club, inducted his wife Joell Perryman as the first President of the Dry Diggins club. The new officers, except for the President were read in by the Regional Director of Region #1 Tom Carlisle, a member of the Auburn club.

The name, Dry Diggins, was chosen for its historical significance. Dry Diggins was the first name used for the city of Placerville. After that name, it was changed to “Hangtown” and then to its present name of Placerville.

The club has chosen as its first project to work with the Winnie Wakely School, a school for orthopedic, mentally, and severely handicapped children.

“Husband and Wife Club Presidents.” The Active Twenty-Thirtian, Oct 1991, V70. No 3, p1.


3rd Generation Member in Auburn #19

Danny Miller, 3rd generation

He may be a 3rd generation member, but he is also 1 of 8 family members to be part of Active 20-30.  Here are his answers to my questions.

Relation, name, and what club were the other members of the family in?
I am one of eight family members to be part of Auburn 20-30 that include my Grandfather Chuck Tutt PAL, my Grandmother Laura Tutt PAL, my Fatter Tony Miller PAL 19 year member, my Mother Charla Miller (Auburn 20-30ettes), Uncle Steve Tutt PAL 20 year member, Aunt Debbie Tutt (Auburn 20-30ettes), and my cousin Kathryn Tutt (current active member).

Did they hold any offices in 20-30?
To the best of my knowledge everyone but Kathryn has held the office of president.

Any other noteworthy accomplishments? 
I have held an office in Auburn #19 of some sort for 17 of my 20 years including a multi-year term as treasurer, 5 terms as president and Region 4 director 2009-2010.  I have chaired many (to many to mention) projects and events.

Big projects?
My biggest project so far has been the Auburn Brewfest, I chaired this the first 4 years.

(left to right in the photo:  Danny Miller, Tony Miller, Charla Miller, Steve Tutt, Debie Tutt, and Kathryn Tutt)

If you are a Generational member or know of someone who is, please contact me (I’d love to recognize and feature your history) –

  • From [insert club]
  • Active member [insert name] is [#] generation.  Any offices you held/hold in 20-30?
  • Relation, name, and what club were the other members of the family in?
  • Did they hold any offices in 20-30?
  • Any other noteworthy accomplishments? Big projects?  Fun tidbits?
  • Can I get a photo of active member to use and, if possible, the other family members?

“We All Are Twenty-Thirtians” Song


p1060328Did you know there is an official song of Active 20-30? Actually there is a whole songbook of songs. But this one first caught my interest a couple of years ago. Before I even came across the lyrics, I was talking 20-30 with my grandfather (Carl Spilman, a past member of Sacramento #1). He started singing a song that he said was always sung at meetings. I was lucky enough to catch him singing and record it on camera before he passed away.

Auburn #19 is the only club I know of that continues the tradition of singing this song at meetings.


We All Are Twenty-Thirtians

Music and Words by Cliff Mott


We are Twenty Thirtians and here’s our motto,
It is Youth to be Served must Serve. When we do things
We do them right Any big job is our delight. You!
Will! Hear! Us! Always boosting our community
That will make us grow and keep expanding. From California to New York cause “Sincerity
Of Service is our Slogan for Success”
That makes a Twenty Thirty Club!