W.W.T.C. – Road Tripping

Wednesday Weekly Theme Challenge

(Aug 10 – 16): Road Trippin’

  • Do you know how many miles you have driven to 20-30 events?
  • What is a fun memory you have?
  • When carpooling, what was the mode of transportation? Car, van, bus, RV, plane, train, ….?

Yesterday, I was at a meeting and we were talking about all the upcoming 20-30 events happening. And how much fun it is to go and support each other clubs’ events. Either by attending, volunteering, or going to meetings to promote our own club events.

The other bonus of going, is the road trip to get there. It is a great bonding experience to carpool with your own club members. I was asked how many miles I must have put on my car just attending 20-30 events. That stumped me, because other than to answer “A LOT,” I did not know. It did make me remember some great memories connected to those road trips.

(Pictured) This might not be my car, but it was the first part of a trip to the 2012 International Convention in Costa Rica. We decided to head out of Sacramento to San Francisco airport in style. Which was also my first Convention outside the United States.

Play along. Comment below or tag this page in your post for any stories or photos you would like to share.

Month of Highlights for the 1920’s

With the start of September this week, it’s 10 months until our 2022 Convention – Centennial Celebration (JUL 13 – JUL 17, 2022)!

We are going to switch from weekly themed memory prompts, to sharing the Active 20-30 timeline. Each month we’ll focus on one decade and have posts on timeline of events, photos, stories, and member spotlights.

Our story begins in 1922, in two different cities. Aberdeen, Washington and Sacramento, California.

St. Helena 20-30 Club Builds Bus Stops 1965

I’ve seen photos and articles of several clubs building shelters. Clubs like Napa, Santa Rosa, Coronado, and here is one from St Helena in 1965. Have you participated in building shelters, or know if your club did this type of project in the past?

20-30 Club to Build Bus Stop Shelters

As school begins the members of the Active 20-30 are busily constructing as many bus stop shelters as the club treasury will allow, before the rainy season begins. Due to the overwhelming response of parents requesting shelters, there are many more needed.

The club’s motto is “Youth to serve must be served.” In an effort to serve all the youth of the school district, if possible, the club will give away an R.C.A. Color T.V. Oct. 29 at Carpy Field during the half-time of the St. Helena vs. Willits football game, profits going toward additional shelters. “Help us to help your children,” by obtaining your tickets for the television at any of the home games or from any 20-30 member. Anyone requesting a shelter may write to St. Helena Active 20-30, P.O. Box 65, St. Helena.

“20-30 Club to Build Bus Stop”, The St. Helena Star, 16 September 1965, p 2, Newspapers.com. Accessed 25 August 2021.

Photo Caption: St. Helena Active 20-30 Club is engaged in the project of rebuilding or in some case renovating the old school bus shelters once provided by the earlier club. A color TV will be awarded as a prize this fall. Shown above in Taylor Electric is Marshall Sears buying the first ticket from John Mathis, treasurer of the 20-30 Club with Ralph Turnidge looking on. Proceeds will go to help finance the shelter project.
The other pictures show a shelter which can be salvaged, and one which is simply done for. Working on the project when the pictures were taken were Ray Torres, Ernies Butala, Bob Stemler, Don Martin, Leroy Cox and Ralph Duer. In the bottom picture Ralph Turnidge’s sons help spray the new type shelter the club is building. Since the project started the club has had many requests for shelters, and has to raise money by awarding the color TV set.

20-30 Women & Fashion

The women auxiliary clubs and some current clubs have held fashion shows through the years. They have offered these shows as part of the women’s events during conventions, or as part of fundraising events that the men’s clubs were hosting, or as their own events.

“Balcony Scene at Brookdale lodge yesterday during the 20-30 Anns’ fashion show-luncheon features Mrs. William Martine modeling a pink and white checked tissue gingham frock from Rittenhouse’s. Interested spectators are (l-r) Mesdames Dolly Thornton of the Albuquerque, N. Mex., “Thunderbirds,” Dina Madison, Nancy Arno and Opel Napolitano of the Coronado “Beachcombers.” Nearly 100 of the 20-30 convention delegates’ wives attended the mid-day event, arranged for their entertainment by the Santa Cruz 20-30 Anns headed by Mrs. Dick Hackbarth. Miss Susan Bronson, reigning Miss California, was a special guest, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Ray Bronson of San Lorenzo. Tomorrow the 20-30 wives are invited on a sightseeing bus tour and in the evening will return to Brookdale lodge with their husbands for the closing installation of officers and dinner-dance beginning at 7 o’clock.”

“20-30 Anns Looks At Fashion”. Santa Cruz Sentinel, 23 June 1960, Newspapers.com. Accessed 21 July 2021.

Pin It On Tuesday – Fashion Forward

Fashion shows up in our pin collection. Highlighted here is a sports jersey, a sweater vest, a shoe, and a crown. We also should include a suitcase to round it out.

Would love to see what fashionable type of pins you might have.

There are A LOT of pins, so we are also going to have a weekly feature showing them off here. Let us know of any pins you would like to share, the story behind the pin, if you know the year, how you got it (any fun trade stories), or other memory you connect to that pin (for example, it’s a pin that represents your term as club president or going past active). Even if it’s just a neat pin you like, please share.

2nd and a half Generation Member in Petaluma #30

Thank you for sharing your history, Greg.

Active member:
Greg Carl, 2 ½ generation
(2nd wave of 2nd generation)

Any offices you held/hold in 20-30?
Greg Carl joined Petaluma #30 in 2015 and is still an Active member. He was Past President 2018-2019 and was Midterm Convention Chair in 2017

Relation, name, and what club were the other members of the family in?
His brother, Guy Carl, was a member of Napa #57 (years 1993-2011). He was the club Past President and served as National Treasurer.

His father, George Carl, was a member of Napa #57 (years 1969-1978) and was the club Past President.

Any other noteworthy accomplishments? Big projects? Fun tidbits?
George Carl founded the Napa Kids Fishing Derby, which ran for 50 years from 1969-2019.


If you are a generational member or know of someone who is, please contact me (I’d love to recognize and feature your history) – mchlspil@gmail.com

From [insert club]
Active member [insert name] is [#] generation. Any offices you held/hold in 20-30?
Relation, name, and what club were the other members of the family in?
Did they hold any offices in 20-30?
Any other noteworthy accomplishments? Big projects? Fun tidbits?
Can I get a photo of active member to use and, if possible, the other family members?
You can be as brief or as descriptive as you would like. Either way, I am looking forward to hearing from all the generational members out there.

Power & Leadership (#4 – Feb. 22-28, 2021)

I’m taking this week’s theme to highlight the growth of leadership in our clubs. Learning the skills needed in leadership positions can help with a person’s career later on. If you take a look at our Wikipedia page, you can find several notable people that got where they are by learning new skills while in Active 20-30.

This is Sherrill “Bud” Halbert of the Porterville #28 Club (California). He became National President of the Association of 20-30 Clubs in 1932.

from Sacramento Bee Newspaper, 1932

From his Wikipedia page: “Sherrill Halbert (October 17, 1901 – May 31, 1991) was a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California.”

© 2001 United States District Court for the Eastern District of California Historical Society

Who are some notable past actives from your club? What else do you think of regarding the word “power”? Does that mean physical strength, political power, or electrical power? Did your club help a charity in some “power” related way? Do you have / had a member with the last name of “Power”? Yes. It’s a vague theme on purpose 🙂 It’s whatever the theme sparks in you.

(These weekly themes are inspired by 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks)

Auburn Club Marks Active 20-30 Week

The following is a transcription of a newspaper article first written in the Auburn Journal in 1969.

Members of the Auburn 20-30 Club are observing Active 20-30 Week with a highlight scheduled tonight at 7:30 in Walker’s Restaurant where a Bosses’ Night will be held.

Tom Kassis, owner-operator of Bonanza Family Billiards in Auburn, will present the program, featuring is gridiron days at Notre Dame and participation in the first annual East-West Shrine Game.

Club President Ron Lipsmeyer said a special guest this evening will be Paul Claiborne, an honorary member of the Auburn Club and founder of 20-30 International. Claiborne joined with a few other individuals to establish the first club in Sacramento in 1926.

Auburn Mayor Don Russell also will speak at the meeting, according to Vice President Bill Brock-Jones, program chairman.

The Auburn 20-30 Club was formed in 1928, with Claiborne and Ray Carlisle among the first members. The late Jim Dobbas served as the first president.

Many of Auburn’s leading businessmen are former members of the local club. An important phase of the service club work is that provided by a wives’ organization which holds regular meetings and assists with the 20-30 projects.

The club, which operates 25 non-profit projects, was voted the outstanding club in this district, at a recent district convention held at Forest Lake. Don Yamasaki was named the outstanding district member and was elected sub-district governor.

Among the club’s fund-raising projects are fireworks sales, concession stands at the Auburn District Fair and 100 Mile in One Day Trail Ride, and the 100 man hour program.

Listed among the club’s projects are an annual Easter Egg Hunt, sponsorship of a Little League baseball team, assisting the Auburn Babe Ruth League, sponsorship of the Auburn Robalos swim team, assisting in the Toys for Tots Drive, the Big Brothers organization, sponsoring an Outstanding Boy Scout of the Year Award and a Cub Scout Pack, organizing a Camp Pahatsi work party, Girl Scouts, a helping with the Punt, Pass & Kick football contest, Christmas baskets, Thanksgiving baskets, staging a Fourth of July fireworks display, a traffic safety program, a Captain’s Trophy for the Placer High wrestling team, sponsoring an entry in the Auburn District Fair Pageant, and the installation of a drinking fountain at the fairgrounds.

Club members participate in local sports activities, such as the men’s basketball and lob ball leagues, bowling and a benefit donkey basketball game.

On Saturday evening the club will hold a Valentine party with their wives at Driftwood Village. Other social events include an annual New Year’s dance, a Halloween party, ladies’ night dinner and the annual Past Active Night.

Club dinner meetings are held each Thursday evening with dinner at 7:30. Membership chairman Kurt Carlstedt may be contact at 885-6135 for additional information.

“Auburn Club Marks Active 20-30 Week,” Auburn Journal, Feburary 13, 1969 vol. 96, no. 23, p. A-6.

20-30 Club Week to Be Observed in Napa

The following is a transcription of a newspaper article first written in The Napa Valley Register in 1971.

Monday opens International Active 20-30 Club week which will be observed in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

The 20-30 Club, as it was originally known, was organized in Sacramento in 1922 by Paul Claiborne who saw a need for a young men’s service club.

According to George Carl, local president, the club has grown from four to more than 200 in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

The Napa group was formed in 1929 and charter members are still active in local community affairs.

Although no special events have been announced for this week, the annual membership drive will conclude Wednesday (Feb 17) during the 7pm meeting at the Red Hen Restaurant. Persons wishing to join should contact Carl or the Napa Chamber of Commerce. Membership is open during the year.

“All of our club projects are youth oriented,” said Carl.

Some of the projects are the maintenance and construction of bus stop shelters throughout the Napa area, supply raingear to the junior traffic patrol, supply a Christmas Party for the children at Wintun School, maintain the Silverado Boy Scouts Summer Camp at Silver Lake, distribute Christmas baskets of food to needy families, sponsor a scholarship program at Napa School, restoration of the Old Bale Mill, the Napa Antique Fire Engine, the March of Dimes project, kite contests, bicycle safety contest, Enchanted Hills project, sponsors a little league team, a diabetic detention project, Riverside park project, and other selected activities.

Funds for the club’s many projects are raised through the sale of ice cream at the local parades and a hole-in-one golf contest.

Officers for the year are Carl, president; Dan Schramm, vice president; Ken Dal Porto, secretary; and Craig Colledge, treasurer.

“20-30 Club Week to Be Observed,” The Napa Valley Register, no.150, Saturday, February 6, 1971, p8B


Valentine (#3 – Feb. 8-14, 2021)

Any members named Valentine? Did you meet your spouse in Active 20-30? Does / did your club put on a Valentine’s themed event? (Or a Friendship Day?) How about a volunteer event, like sending Valentine cards, arts and crafts, or serving meals to people?

This photo was from Active 20-30 Club of Greater Sacramento #1032 in 2014 they created cards to send to children in local hospitals.

Please share a memory and / or a photo (if you do post a photo, please include who is in it, when and where was it taken, and why was it taken.) Share this post with your fellow members (Active & Past Active).

(These weekly themes are inspired by 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks)